More than any other pest, ants can invade a home and drive you crazy without any obvious cause. Mice and roaches will enter your home for warmth and food, but ants seem to come and go with the tides. You can keep an immaculately clean home and get ants, and then they can disappear almost as soon as they arrived. If you are currently up to your eyeballs in ant issues, call Webers Pest Control. They have the experience and the know-how to keep your home pest free. If you are looking for ways to keep the ant menace at bay, these tips can help you keep an ant-free home.

First, you need to look for possible entry points. Even if your home is brand new, it can be a little unnerving to realize just how many entry points there really are. For example, loose fittings around pipes, or a less than secure seal around a window or a screen door that doesn’t close all the way, can act like a highway for ants. Seal as many of these issues as you can and keep a wary eye out for trails of ants in your kitchen or pantry. That’s not to say that you won’t find ants in other parts of your home, but you are most likely to find them in places where food is readily available.

In many cases, the first time people notice they have ants is when they get up in the morning and see a party going on inside the pots and pans they left in the sink overnight. The reality is that this practice has got to stop if you are serious about ending your ant problem.

You do not have to turn your kitchen into a hospital room, but you do need to remove theses easy food sources. Go through your cabinets and search for spilled food. Often times it is something like a bag of chips that got spilled in the back of a cabinet 6 months ago and never got cleaned up. Ants can live off that bounty for a long time.

By transferring dry baking ingredients, especially sugar, to containers that have a screw top, you all but end the ant buffet. It can be somewhat tedious, but only costs a small amount to purchase such containers, and cleaning up your kitchen will go a long way in helping prevent infestations.

Ants can be a pest that just won’t go away. If you need help, call Webers Pest Control. They have the skills and the experience to rid your home of all your home’s ant issues.

About Ryan Monroe

In 2008, Ryan Monroe received his Bachelors Degree in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology from the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Texas.Before joining Webers Exterminating, Ryan spent over 5 years working with Lucky's Pest Control (Perkasie, PA) working as their Technical Director. Ryan is married to Julie and they now live in Port Charlotte, FL with their dog, Rex.

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