If you have a pet in your home, chances are, you’ve dealt with fleas. Of all the pests one can have, fleas are absolutely tenacious, which means you’ll most likely need the assistance of Webers Pest Control. Webers uses environmentally responsible extermination methods that fully treat infestations while minimizing the impact on your family, your pets and your local environment. Fleas require a comprehensive solution that treats the entire home, and Webers Pest Control can deliver. Don’t trust your home to just anyone.

While most cases of flea infestations are started by dogs and cats that go outside and then bring the jumping pests back in, there are plenty of cases where people bring the bugs in themselves. Regardless of the source, simply washing our pets and putting them back on your carpets will only lead to frustration. Washing your pets is a good first step, but you’ll also need to treat the carpets and also treat other surfaces like pet bedding, sheets, blankets and more. Miss even one of these steps and the problem will continue. Since so much of your home will need to be treated, it is important that you rely on an environmentally responsible exterminator like Webers Pest Control.

Getting rid of your flea problem is the responsibility of Webers Pest Control. Keeping fleas out of your home will require some work on your end. Wash your pets on a regular basis and give them proper flea treatments so any bugs are naturally repelled. Your pets will naturally scratch themselves but if you notice a near-constant scratching, it may be time for another bath. Keep a close eye on your flea situation and treat your carpet as soon as you detect the problem is trying to return. Call Webers Pest Control for pet and family friendly treatment for fleas and other pests.

If you’ve never had fleas in your home before, they are tiny, dark bugs that are about the size of a period at the end of a sentence. They have incredible jumping abilities and they leave a small, red welt behind when they bite that itches a great deal. Some flea infestations can be so bad they attack en masse when a person enters a room. You don’t have to be under siege in your own home. Flatten fleas with Webers Pest Control.

About Ryan Monroe

In 2008, Ryan Monroe received his Bachelors Degree in Entomology and Wildlife Ecology from the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Texas.Before joining Webers Exterminating, Ryan spent over 5 years working with Lucky's Pest Control (Perkasie, PA) working as their Technical Director. Ryan is married to Julie and they now live in Port Charlotte, FL with their dog, Rex.

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